Learn Russian Easy & Swift in Crimea

Learning Russian is considered to be the most difficult of tasks by many. But, the truth is something different. With the guidance of an experienced tutor and with a structured, innovative learning method, learning Russian is made simple to anyone; even to those, who do not even know how Russian look-like! There are 33 letters in the Russian Alphabet; out of this, 21 are consonants, 10 vowels and 2 signs. The Russian Alphabet is called as Cyrillic. Learning methods normally include sessions for listening, reading, speaking and writing. An ideal method will start from listening and identifying the letters by reading. This way one can get familiarized with Russian language.

Russia provides quality education at a nominal fee structure. Learning Russian has become mandatory for those students who want to pursue their higher studies in Russia. Yet, the Russian visa requirements are considered to be some strict for an international student and may be a hassle for those who want to learn Russian at a University in Moscow or St Petersburg. Crimea is a good alternate to learn Russian since this is a main tourist destination and you can come here under a tourist visa. And the tourist visa process is quite liberal compared to the application for a student visa!

Crimea, being a hot tourist destination, provides lots of options not just for the students to learn Russian but also for the tourists and business class people. There are world-class universities located across Crimea - mainly in Simferopol, the capital city - that teach Russian language to the international students willing to get a degree from one of these Universities. But, one can also learn Russian at private schools that offer affordable, short-term courses and summer courses of Russian language. The courses normally take from a few weeks to a month or more. The duration of the course depends on the level - beginner or intermediate or advanced - and the purpose of the course - vacationer or expert. The staff is well skilled and can also speak English / German / French.

Tourists visiting Crimea, the resort region of Ukraine, have several options to learn Russian. There are schools that provide residential accommodation as well for the students, making it a wholesome experience. Many such schools offer even guided tours to the near-by locations. Airport transfers and pickups are provided for the course fee for the international students. These schools also devise tailored-courses to meet the need of the specific individual. Normally, such one-to-one courses of Russian will cost some higher than a group session. The tutor along with the learner will design the duration and the depth of the course in such cases.

The fee for a group course of Russian spanning for 2-4 weeks, 20 hours per week will be, typically, $250. For an individual tailored course, this will cost some more and the duration is dependant on the course schedule. Importance is given on all aspects of learning - listening, reading, speaking and writing. The courses are aided with audio files and extracts as in any other language teaching methodology.

Crimea, being the key tourist and business destination in Ukraine, offers a few quality schools to learn Russian language for the ease of the people willing to learn Russian or improve their Russian language skills. Of course, Crimea understands the growing opportunities in business and career for those who can speak Russian very well!