Learn Russian in Crimea!


It does matter where you study! If you are thinking of learning Russian or improving your language skills, Crimea will certainly be your best choice. Really, it has so many advantages you might not be aware of. First, Russian is spoken as a native language in Crimea. Historically, Crimea had for about 200 years been a part of Russia. Ethnic Russians make up the majority of the population. Crimeans speak proper "classic" Russian, not a dialect that one can hear in Russian provinces. In Crimea Russian is spoken a little slower and is easier to understand for a foreigner, which is another advantage for those who just start learning Russian and want to learn Russian from native speakers.

The tuition and cost of living are much cheaper in Crimea, as compared with study in Moscow or St Petersburg. You don't have to stay in a hotel or dorm. Instead, you can rent a private apartment that meets your requirements. Rent rates are much cheaper in Crimea as compared with the US, Western Europe and Moscow or St Petersburg. Some students prefer to stay with a host family. This is cheaper, and also an opportunity to practice Russian with the hosts, beyond the classroom. The locals are very hospitable, tolerant and friendly towards foreigners.

Our school is located in the capital of Crimea - Simferopol. We bet you will not feel lonely or bored in Simferopol. It is the administrative and cultural center of the Republic of Crimea, which occupies the Crimean peninsula jutting out into the Black Sea. Simferopol is also known as a University city due to a number of universities and colleges located here. Simferopol is said to have more youth population than any other simiral cities, which is also not common for the majority of cities in Russia and Western Europe. The student population in Simferopol is estimated at about 40,000, including thousands of foreign students from more then 40 countries. The foreign students come to Simferopol to study medicine, agriculture, architecture, biology, linguistics etc but first all of them get trained in Russian of course. With the mass of international students, our teachers have gained high expertise in teaching Russian as a foreign language and the Simferopol school of Russian language is well recognized and comparable to the best Moscow and St. Petersburg schools.

Simferopol has a lot to offer to those willing to fill their leisure time with fun: discos, nightclubs, bars and restaurants. The rates are more affordable than you may think. At a restaurant in Simferopol one can easily afford the most delicious dishes that would cost you a fortune in Paris or London. Not surprisingly, many international students can be seen at local nightclubs and restaurants. Finding natural, organic food can be a pain in Europe and the US but not in Crimea! There you just do not have such a choice of fresh and natural fruits, vegetables, meat or dairy products available at so incredibly cheap prices! In Crimea you will learn the difference between real, natural food and what you traditionally consider "food" there.

Among other advantages of learning Russian in Crimea are: mild, subtropical climate, unique nature and of course Crimea is mainly known as a top Black Sea beach resort and a popular tourist destination. We bet you have heard of Yalta. In fact, Yalta is only one of so many resort towns spread along the Black Sea Coast in Crimea. The Western Crimea is also known as the oldest health resort in Europe thanks to mud baths and unique rehabilitation facilities in Saki and Evpatoria. Lately, medical and dental tourism has seen a boom in Crimea due to high quality services provided at a low price.

Last but not least, Crimea has a lot of historical & archaeological attractions, such as cave cities, old ruins and castles, beautiful palaces, places and monuments associated with the Crimean War and Yalta Conference etc. One can hardly get such a rich, memorable travel experience from learning Russian elsewhere!