Studying in Crimea
Universities in Crimea

Crimea is located in the south of Ukraine. It has a wealth of history and is closely related to Russia as it used to be part of Russia for a very long time and only in 1954 Crimea was transferred to Ukraine. All of Crimea-based educational facilities welcome foreign students, though they first need to learn Russian before they can get enrolled at University in Crimea. Often, the Universities offer their own Russian language courses alongside study courses.

Some of these universities are steeped in history, while others are very modern schools of education but them all offer outstanding opportunities for education, research and development of ideas and various projects.

Crimea State Medical University

The university was established in 1931 and is the largest medical school in the southern region of Ukraine. The International Educational Society in London awarded the university AA category. This means that Crimea State Medical University is a "top institution that is internationally known and recognized". Each graduating student receives a separate IES certificate as well as the diploma of graduation. Currently the graduates of Crimea State Medical University are working in more than one hundred countries worldwide. Students from over 40 different countries study here. The departments cover all specialities of medicine, including Nursing, Surgery, Dentistry, Obstetrics, Oncology, Biochemistry, Pharmacy and many more. There are over fifty departments to choose from.

Taurida National University

The university was established nearly one hundred years ago and is considered to be the leading and most reputable university in Crimea today. A state funded the seat of education offering sixteen faculties of study and forty one fields of study. Doctorate degrees as well as Bachelor degrees are awarded to students each year. You can study on campus full time or take advantage of the correspondence courses that are also available. The courses cover all traditional courses at universities as well as post-graduate courses.
The university has three institutes incorporated and these are:

  • Institute of Advanced studies
  • Kerch Economic Humanitarian Institute
  • Sevastopol Institute of Economics and Humanities

The university also has inter-university departments:

  • Department of Foreign Languages
  • Department of Physical Training
  • Sudak Faculty of Management and Economics

Crimean Engineering and Pedagogical University

Established as recently as 1993 this university offers degrees in Bachelor, Master and Specialist studies in pedagogy, engineering, economics, art education and philology. The university has seven faculties with over thirty departments and is the centre for research into the Crimean Tartar literature and language. The faculties located here are:

  • Faculty of Informatics
  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Economics
  • Faculty of Engineering and Technology
  • Faculty of Psychology and Education
  • Faculty of History and Philology
  • Faculty of Crimean Tartar and Turkish Philology

Crimea University for the Humanities

This university was established in 1944 in Yalta and offers Bachelor, Masters and Doctorate programs in the areas of

  • Education
  • Languages
  • Hotel, Tourism & Resort services
  • Finance
  • Mathematics
  • Economics

Seventeen areas of study are supported here including studies in the Russian Language and Literature and Ukrainian Literature and Language. The university is known due to its scientific and educational research and innovative programs in the field of language and cultural experiences and it partners with other universities implementing a number of international projects.